‘Collar’ believes in the beauty of unconventionality and strives to dress the personality not a body type, encouraging women to love their skin, their being and the tiny imperfections fully and honestly. In a time when the female body is hyper–sexualized, the label wishes to bring back the covert, concealed intimacy. ‘Collar’ sees women as gentle, ethereal creatures, embodying determination and strength in a seemingly fragile beauty.

Merging high functionality with exceptional quality, ‘Collar’ maintains a mysterious and refined expression of beauty with a twist of edginess for a confident state of mind.

Holding a conscious and respectful outlook on the world and people around, label’s pieces are crafted locally in Latvia in limited quantities not to overproduce, as well as to retain their high design value. With an ethical, slow fashion thought in mind, the swimwear and lingerie pieces are made to last and bring a progressive change for the sake of a more harmonic co-existence between the inner and outer worlds of oneself.

‘Collar’ was founded by its designer and art director Monta Apsāne, and is lead together with writer Ieva Laube, who enhances the label’s conceptual vision and visual aesthetics through textual narrating. Label’s visual identity is developed in a longstanding collaboration with photographer Julia Prohorenkova.

‘Collar’ aims for unaccustomed presentation of fashion, hence every collection is presented at self–initiated and curated happenings such as the live performance ‘Grown’ and design, jewellery and photography installation ‘Athirst’.


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